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We’ve taken our 12 best-selling couples printables and compiled them into this VALUE PACKED LOVE BUNDLE!

Get ready to have fun, laugh, kiss, stay up late, eat well, and fall in love all over again.

Enjoy this 12-in-1 printable bundle with hours of activities, fun, entertainment, and romance 😉

Only $29 USD

love dice

What you get…

A whopping 310-page PDF split into the following goodies…

6 x Date Night Printables

Date Night Box for Couples

Printable Date Night Jar

A jar of date night ideas! Grab a mason jar and fill it with these printable date night cards! Then randomly draw a date idea out of the jar for a fun surprise date.

With a total of 20 pages, the set includes:

★ 120 date night cards (plus 10 blank cards to add your own)

★ A date jar tag/label to attach to your date night jar

★ Two greeting card designs with a printable envelope template

What you’ll need in addition to the basics: 

A mason jar | String/ribbon (optional)

Date Night Box for Couples

Printable Date Night Kit

Are you looking for new and fun date night ideas? Then this DIY date night kit is for you! Grab yours and enjoy this at-home date night. Filled with hours of fun, romantic and sexy activities 😉

With a total of 29 pages, the set includes:

★ Date Night Kit Agenda (board game style)

★ Cocktail Recipes  ★ Wildcards  ★  Couples Quiz ★  Naughty Naughts and Crosses ★  Love Questions Deck ★  Couples Bucketlist ★  Drawing Challenge  ★  Sexy Dice Game

Wine Label

Printable Wine Label

Put a smile on your lover’s face by printing this cheeky wine label and sticking it on their favorite bottle.

With a total of 3 pages, the set includes:

★ Mini Wine Label

★ Small Wine Label

★ Large Wine Label

couples date book

Printable Date Night Book (Part 1)

With 52 simple and adventurous date ideas, you’ll never be stuck for a lover’s escapade again.

With a total of 58 pages, the set includes:

★ 52 Date Night Adventures

★ 52 Crackin’ Conversation Topics for Couples

★ A Journal Entry to Record Your Favorite Date Night Notes

★ A Photo Slot for those Priceless Date Night Selfies

★ Wine/beer/whiskey tasting guides

couples date book

Printable Date Night Book (Part 2)

Whaaaaat? Another 52 date ideas? You yah huh! If variety is the spice of life, then this book is cayenne pepper!

With a total of 58 pages, the set includes:

★ 52 Date Night Adventures

★ 52 Crackin’ Conversation Topics for Couples

★ A Journal Entry to Record Your Favorite Date Night Notes

★ A Photo Slot for those Priceless Date Night Selfies

★ Wine/beer/whiskey tasting guides

Conversation Starters

Printable Conversation Starters

A dinner party hit! Have more interesting conversations and develop deeper connections!

With a total of 12 pages, the set includes:

★ 100 Conversation Starters

★ Printable Gift Box/Storage Box

3 x Printable Games

Never Have I Ever Game

Printable Never Have I Ever Game

Use for a quirky date night or share with friends for an evening of *peeing your pants* laughter!

With a total of 20 pages, the set includes:

★ 100 never have I ever cards

★ 20 blank cards for you to add your own (ooh la la)

★ “I Have” and “I Have Never” paddles for you to print

★ Gift box template to store the cards

drunk jenga ideas

Printable Drunken Tower Game

This tower drinking game is awesome to bring out at parties or when having drinks with friends. Please note this printable requires you to have your own tower blocks.

With a total of 6 pages, the set includes:

★ 54 Drunken Tower Block Cut-Outs

★ 54 Drunken Tower List of Rules

Tic Tac Toe

Printable Tic Tac Toe Game

If you love drinking games, then this Tic Tac Toe drinking game is for you! A couples drinking game for any occasion!

With a total of 6 pages, the set includes:

★ Tic Tac Toe Playing Board

★ Game Play Rules and Game Play Cards

★ Printable Playing Pieces for Shot Glasses

3 x Printable Gifts

love coupons for him/her

Printable Love Coupons

This printable love coupon book is guaranteed to bring you and your partner closer than ever before! From Netflix and “Chill” to Nudie Twister.

With a total of 21 pages, the set includes:

★ 50 Love Coupons

★ 8 Blank Coupons

★ Coupon Covers so you can create a Coupon Book

★ Two Cute Greeting Card Designs and an Envelope Template

Printable Greeting Card

Printable Greeting Card

This printable card also comes with gorgeous printable envelopes, so you’ve got everything you need to put a smile on someone’s face.

With a total of 4 pages, the set includes:

★ 2 Printable Card Designs (Approx 4.2” by 5.5”)

★ 2 Printable Envelope Designs

open when you miss me

Printable Open When Letters

You are sure to make your loved one’s heart fill with love with these printable Open When Letters.

With a total of 77 pages, the set includes:

★ 48 Open When Envelopes (including 3 blank ones)

★ 48 Open When Cut Outs to Stick on Your Own Envelopes (including 3 blank ones)

★ Open When Letter Rules

★ Note Paper for you to Write your Letters on

★ Seven Cute Printable Greeting Card Designs with Envelope templates.

Here’s a sneak peek inside the printables:

You get 310 pages in total but don’t panic, you get access to each printable individually, not as one big file (phew!)

Suite Bliss Printables
Suite Bliss Printables
Suite Bliss Printables
Suite Bliss Printables

How it Works


Please note that NO physical items will be shipped. The images above, simply show you what this design could look like once printed.


★ Computer & printer

★ Paper or cardstock

★ Scissors

★ Adobe Acrobat Reader software to open and print the files correctly*

*available FREE from



All files are formatted to 8.5″ x 11″ letterhead sized sheets to be printed in portrait orientation, color, single-sided. Depending on your printer and monitor, colors may vary slightly from photos.

Disclaimer: We can’t be responsible for any marriage proposals that result from your incredible dates!

Date night never looked so good!

Only $29 USD

Date Night Bundle

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Do I really have to print 310 pages?

If the thought of 310 pages feels a little overwhelming, don’t panic. You get access to each individual printable product. So you can print the ones you want now and come back to the rest at a later date. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can use some on your phone (e.g. the conversation starters and never have I ever game).

How do I print a PDF?

You’ll need a program that supports PDFs, like Adobe Acrobat (which is free). Download and save the file to your computer, open the file, and click File- Print. Select your printer, double-check your print preview, then click print. Color print is optional but recommended. Most of the printables in this bundle require single-sided printing. 


Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

Since you’ll get instant access to the printables, once you purchase we do not offer refunds on digital download products. 


Happy Customers

These look like they are going to be so much fun!

I got them for my husband since the first anniversary is the paper anniversary and the ideas are just great! They range from very inexpensive or no expense to on the more expensive side depending on what you would want to spend. It’s going to be great for those times when we want to do something but can’t decide what.

— Carolyn —

So many fun, different ideas!

I’ve looked into many couples adventure/date night/challenge products and I am so happy with this one! I plan on pairing it with a journal and including a card, descriptions, picture, and any other memorabilia to go with it.

— Tameira —

I gave this to my boyfriend in a mason jar for his birthday

He loved it and we can’t wait to have our many different date nights. I love how some ideas are simple and can be done on the spot at home while others take some planning and give us something to look forward to.

— Ashton —

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I’m Steph, the gal stashed behind Suite Bliss Printables. I’m on a pursuit, nay quest, to help couples fill their relationships with more adventure and excitement, have more fun together, and create memories that last forever-ever.

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  • You like trying new things,
  • You love to have fun,
  • You can’t resist getting your hands on instant activities!
This is NOT for you if:
  • You don’t like printing in color ink,
  • You don’t enjoy cutting,
  • There are a total of 299 pages in this bundle so there is plenty to print and cut!