Group Activities for Adults: Epic Printable Team Building Game


Looking for exciting group activities for adults? Say haaaaay to our toppling tower team-building party game! Designed to boost collaboration, communication, and fun! This game is perfect for team-building or any gathering of adults who want to bond and have a good time.

Please note that this printable team-building game requires you to have your own toppling tower blocks. 

We’ve taken a bucketload of awesome conversation starters, fun would-you-rather questions, epic never-have-I-ever prompts, random challenge cards, and optional drinking challenge cards and turned them into incredible group activities for adults.

Don’t settle for uninspired group activities. Make your next gathering one to remember with our exciting group activities for adults, and watch as everyone has a blast!

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Note: This toppling tower group activities for adults is a digital file for instant download and requires you to have your own toppling tower blocks.


What You Get:

★ Instructions

★ 32 Conversation Starters (Jenga Block Cut-Outs)

★ 32 Never Have I Ever Questions (Jenga Block Cut-Outs)

★ 32 Would You Rather Questions (Jenga Block Cut-Outs)

★ 16 Challenge Cards (Jenga Block Cut-Outs)

★ 16 Drinking Challenge Cards (Optional) (Jenga Block Cut-Outs)



  1. After purchase, simply download the file & save it to your desktop. Print the group activities for adults game (color/single-sided).
  2. Cut out the questions that you want to use and stick them on each block. Make sure to use clear tape and cover the entire cut-out, so it doesn’t cause friction when you are pulling the blocks out during gameplay.
  3. Build your tower. Everyone takes turns picking a block, answering the question/doing the challenge. For Never Have I Ever questions, everyone must take a sip of a drink or raise their hand if they have done the thing.


What You Will Need:

★ Jenga blocks/tumbling tower blocks/toppling tower blocks.

★ Scissors and tape.

★ Computer & printer to print PDF file.

★ Adobe Acrobat Reader software (available FREE from to open and print the files correctly.



All files are formatted to 8.5″ x 11″ letterhead-sized sheets to be printed in portrait orientation, color, single-sided. Depending on your printer and monitor, colors may vary slightly from photos.


Instant Download:

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