Get this awesome printable advent calendar for couples and sprinkle some extra romance into the holiday season.


This printable advent calendar for couples is a fun date activity advent calendar. One date idea every day up until 24th December. Start a new romantic Christmas tradition with this advent calendar.



Start a New Tradition with this Printable Advent Calendar for Couples


Suite Bliss Printables is about turning everyday occasions into lasting memories, so we’ve carefully curated dates that are not only dreamy but also easy to pull off, even at short notice.


Our printable advent calendar for couples offers a unique twist on the classic tradition. With one delightful date idea hidden behind each numbered envelope, you’ll be unwrapping good times day by day up until 24th December.

The dates are all easy to complete at short notice and are mostly at-home dates. You can look at the dates before sealing them in the envelope so you can get things you need ahead of time (hello to all you super organized people 👋)


To make your advent calendar for couples, simply cut out the date activity cards and fold the envelopes. Slot the numbered cards into the corresponding numbered envelopes and seal them.


Once you’ve set it up, you can sit back and wait for December to roll around. Once it does, open your envelope each day to find a fun and cute date activity. Keep your envelopes wherever you like, in an advent calendar, bowl, or on the Christmas tree, or hang them all around the house.



What’s Inside Your Advent Calendar for Couples


Our advent calendar for couples is a digital delight, delivered right to your inbox. Here’s what you’ll find in your festive package:


★ 24 Printable Envelopes for Each Day of December

★ 24 Unique Date Activities (perfectly sized for those envelopes)

★ Plus, a BONUS: Printable Christmas Movie Trivia Game to keep the fun rolling!

Advent Calendar for Couples 6

Crafting Your Advent Calendar for Couples


Creating your advent calendar for couples is a breeze. Just follow these simple steps:


  1. After purchase, download the file & save it to your desktop. You’ll receive 31 pages in PDF format.
  2. Download and print the PDF (color & single-sided). Opt for cardstock if you fancy a high-quality finish.
  3. Cut out the envelopes, fold them, and secure them with tape or glue dots.
  4. Cut out the date activities and slip each one into its matching envelope.
  5. Place all the filled envelopes in an advent calendar, a basket, string them up, or pop them in the Christmas tree.
  6. On each date in December, open the corresponding envelope and complete the date activity.


Once you’ve set up your advent calendar for couples, you’re all set for December. Each morning, unwrap the day’s envelope to reveal a delightful date activity that will keep the holiday sparks flying. You can keep your envelopes in an advent calendar, bowl, nestled in the Christmas tree, or wherever you like.

Advent Calendar for Couples 5

Size Matters… So We Offer Options!


Our advent calendar for couples is designed to suit both US letterhead-sized sheets (8.5″ x 11″) and A4-sized sheets, making it versatile for all printer types. Print in portrait orientation, color, and single-sided. Depending on your printer and monitor, colors may vary slightly from photos.



Materials Needed for the Advent Calendar for Couples


★ Scissors and tape/glue dots

★ Computer & printer to print PDF files

★ Adobe Acrobat Reader software (available FREE from to open and print the files correctly.



Buy Your Advent Calendar for Couples


Grab your advent calendar for couples on my Etsy store, and let the romantic countdown commence!

Click here or on the image below to be whisked off to the Suite Bliss Printable Etsy store.

Advent Calendar for Couples 4

Let the Christmas Countdown Begin!


This printable advent calendar for couples is not just a calendar; it’s a celebration of love and togetherness. It’s like having a couples’ date night box in the form of an advent calendar, suitable for adults of all genders. Get ready to make this holiday season one for the memory books, filled with love, laughter, and cherished moments.


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Here’s to a memory-making, happy, fun-as-fudge holiday season!

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