Get your free 20-page Christmas planner at the end of this blog and stay organized AF this holiday season! Staying organized is the gift that keeps on giving, so you won’t be ‘sleighed’ by the holiday chaos!


This Christmas planner has all the essential pages you need, with a whole host of fun ones, too. From organizing Christmas traditions, planning a mouthwatering feast, or staying on top of your budget, our simple and effective Christmas Planner free printable will keep you on track. You’ll get calendars, checklists, to-do lists, budget trackers, wishlists, and many other helpful and fun printables designed to simplify your holiday preparations.


Picture your dream Christmas extravaganza, celebration, soiree, shindig, or whatever you want to call it, and then bring it to life using this free printable Christmas planner!

Christmas Planner Free Printable 2

This Christmas Planner Can Take the Overwhelm out of the Holiday Season


In the crazy madness of the holiday whirlwind, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. This 20-page Christmas Planner is your super-secret weapon for reducing holiday stress. It offers a centralized space to jot down and manage every aspect of your festivities, ensuring a stress-free and more enjoyable holiday season.


What’s Included in the Christmas Planner:


  • Christmas monthly planner
  • Christmas entertainment
  • Christmas traditions
  • Christmas games
  • Christmas card list
  • Christmas gift budget
  • Christmas food budget
  • Christmas décor budget
  • Christmas budget overview
  • Stocking stuffers ideas
  • Online order tracker
  • Christmas savings tracker
  • Christmas gift Wishlist
  • Christmas box
  • Christmas grocery list
  • Christmas cleaning list
  • Christmas day schedule
  • Christmas recipes
  • Christmas cooking schedule
  • Christmas meal planner
Christmas Planner Free Printable 3

Let’s Dive Deeper into the Christmas Planner


This free 20-page printable Christmas planner includes lots of fun pages designed to streamline your holiday preparations and make the season stress-free and enjoyable. Let’s take a closer look at what this Christmas planner has to offer:


Christmas Monthly Calendar


Use this un-dated monthly calendar to plan your Christmas schedule. You can even use this in the months leading up to December if you like to be super organized.


Christmas Entertainment


Prepare to rock around the Christmas tree with carefully curated music and movie playlists. Keep track of all your festive entertainment plans in one place with the Christmas planner.


Christmas Traditions


What’s Christmas without all the fun family traditions? List them out and ensure you keep the holiday magic alive.


Christmas Games


Whether you’re hosting a family-friendly gathering or an adults-only soirée, we’ve got you covered with both kid-friendly and adult Christmas games.


Christmas Card List


Stay organized by jotting down your Christmas card list, ensuring you spread holiday cheer to all your loved ones.


Christmas Budgets


Keep your spending in check with detailed budget pages for gifts, food, and décor. We’ll help you avoid overspending while making your holiday season special.


Stocking Stuffers Ideas


Get those creative ideas flowing with this stocking stuffers list.


Online Order Tracker


Never lose track of your online orders again. This list will help make sure you’re across all your orders and ensure everything (hopefully) arrives on time.


Christmas Savings Tracker


Challenge yourself to save more this Christmas season. Our savings tracker will help you watch those dollars add up.

Christmas Planner Free Printable 4

Christmas Gift Wishlist


Get the inside scoop on what your loved ones wish for this year. This wishlist will help you pick out thoughtful presents they’ll adore.


Christmas Box Labeling


Use this Christmas planner to keep your hidden treasures safe and well-organized with labeled boxes for your presents.


Christmas Grocery List


Plan your holiday meals with ease by creating a comprehensive grocery list. No more last-minute dashes to the store!


Christmas Cleaning List


Make your home sparkle and shine for the holidays. Our cleaning list will help you tackle tasks efficiently.


Christmas Day Schedule


Plan your day down to the hour. Ensure everything runs smoothly, from opening presents to enjoying a festive feast.


Christmas Recipes


Document your favorite holiday recipes and make sure you have all the ingredients on hand.


Christmas Cooking Schedule


Timing is everything when preparing a holiday feast. Use this schedule to coordinate your culinary creations.


Christmas Meal Planner


Explore your culinary creativity and use this Christmas planner to plan your mouthwatering Christmas menus with our meal planner.


Get Your Free Printable Christmas Planner


With this simple and effective Christmas Planner free printable, you’ll have everything you need to make this holiday season an organizational dream (well, here’s hoping)! Stay organized, stick to your budget, and then relax, unwind, and truly enjoy the holiday season with your loved ones.


Download our free printable 20-page Christmas Planner and make this Xmas the best one yet!

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Here’s to a healthy, happy, fun-as-fudge holiday season! Happy planning and celebrating!

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