A 3 month anniversary gift is a great idea to spoil your loved one. I bet the past 3 months have flown by, but here you are, thoughtful enough to look for the perfect anniversary gift. Happy 3 Month Anniversary by the way!


Whether you’re looking for a 3 month anniversary gift for a new relationship or a newly married relationship, you will undoubtedly love these thoughtful gift ideas. 


3 Month Anniversary Gift List

Here are my top twenty anniversary gifts.

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I Love You, Matchbox Card

3 months anniversary gift

Cute Love Card/ Anniversary Card/ Personalized Love Gift/ | Etsy

These matchbox cards may be tiny, but they pack a heartfelt punch! The first time I discovered matchbox cards was at a market in Brisbane, and I proceeded to buy about ten of them. Thanks to many creative Etsy sellers, you can buy one for practically every occasion. You can’t go wrong with this matchbox bouquet of love. 


Explosion Gift Box (5 layers)

happy 3 month anniversary

Explosion Gift Box 5 Layers DIY Photo Album Anniversary | Etsy

Nothing says happy anniversary quite like this incredible gift box. You can customize the box to look exactly how you want. The gift box has 4 sides, 5 layers, and 12 pockets. When closed, the box looks like a regular gift box. However, the box explodes once opened, and all the sides fall back to reveal a multi-layered card. So awesome!


Couples Decision Pewter Coin, His Turn, Her Turn

happy one month anniversary

Couples Decision Pewter Coin His Turn Her Turn Husbands | Etsy

Take the hassle out of deciding who’s turn it is with this hilarious coin. These coins are handmade in England (fancy), and each piece is hand stamped (so cool). They have a chunky, rustic finish, and the surface is slightly uneven, giving it a beautiful finish.


Custom Album Record

3rd month anniversary

Custom Album Record Personalized Record Vinyl Record | Etsy

Gift your loved one a song with this stylish personalized digital record. All you have to do is decide on the music and the photo. It could be your wedding song or, if you aren’t married, just a track you both love that reminds you of each other. Nawww. 


Personalized Adventure Print

happy 3 months

Personalized Adventure Print Wedding Gift Art Traveller | Etsy

This print is spot on for the travel and adventure couples out there. It is so dreamy, and you can customize the people to look like you. The level of detail is incredible. It even includes pets. You can choose a digital file that you can print at home or an actual print.


Pebble People Matchbox Gift

three month anniversary

Gra Mo Chroi / Pebble People Matchbox Gift / Love Token / Hug | Etsy

I must admit that it took me a minute to see what the pebbles represented. But once I did, you can’t help but think how cute this gift idea is. The seller spends time carefully and responsibly beach-combing to pick unique pebbles, and driftwood washed up from the Irish sea. It doesn’t get more handcrafted than that!


Message Jar Filled with Love

3rd month

Message Jar Filled With Love Gift for Him Gift for | Etsy

A gift of happiness. These adorable little scrolls hold loving quotes to make your loved one feel special. Inside you’ll find 31 thoughtful quotes to brighten their day for a whole month. If you check out the rest of this shop, there are various colors to choose from.


Custom I Love You More The End I Win Mug

monthly anniversary

Custom I Love You More the End I Win Mug Personalized Love | Etsy

The battle of who loves who more is one that many couples face #firstworldproblems. I love this mug because it’s funny, and the font is gorgeous, making it a stylish addition to the kitchen and to your smugness of best gift-giver ever.


Custom 2 Pcs Spotify Key Chain Engraved Song

3rd month anniversary

Spotify Keychain Engraved Song Code Keyring for | Etsy

What’s not to love about this secret song code keychain that only the two of you understand. For music lovers, this gift is both thoughtful and adorable!


Message in a Glass Bottle

happy 3 months anniversary

Message in a Glass Bottle Boyfriend Gift I Miss You | Etsy

The perfect gift to express your love. It’s a labor of love to sit down and write out your love messages on 50 pieces of paper and give them to the person that means so much to you. This is the perfect slow-down, hand-created gift. And included in the box are 50 love note ideas to get you started.


Rude Candle For Boyfriend

happy wedding anniversary wishes

Rude Candle for Boyfriend Gift for Boyfriend Candle or | Etsy

Take them by surprise by giving this to them at a romantic dinner. This cheeky little candle is bound to make your partner’s day! This seller has a heap of different candle labels to suit every relationship. It’s worth taking a look just for the giggles.


The Happy Dates Book

The Happy Dates Book

The Happy Dates Book

With 100 simple and adventurous date ideas, you’ll never be stuck for a lover’s escapade again. Worried you might run out of something to say? Bored of the same old discussions? Problem solved! This is one of my products, and I know you’ll love it as a 3 month anniversary gift! You’ve got funny, meaningful, and random conversation starters with each dreamy date night.


I Love You More Leather Keychain

3 month anniversary

I Love You More Leather Keychain Personalized Leather | Etsy

A traditional leather keychain personalized with ‘I love you more’ tells your loved one how much you love them more (hehe). The durability, flexibility, and strength of the leather emphasize your relationship. A perfect personalized gift to celebrate your love.


Wooden Photo Box

3 month anniversary gift idea

Wooden Box for Photos 4x610x15cm Colorful Box Gift for | Etsy

This is a cute keepsake to store all your memories in. The box is a perfect imitation of a book; therefore, it will look perfect on any shelf or bookcase. You can choose to have it engraved or even send a design to be put on the box. Let your imagination run wild with this one. 


The ‘Take Me With You’ Polaroid Lovers Case

anniversary gift

Creative Birthday Gift for Boyfriend Husband Gift for Him | Etsy

Create your love story in polaroid form. Send your favorite photos, and this shop will print them onto genuine Instax Polaroid Film and put them in a personalized case for you. The little case opens like an actual suitcase. It’s such a unique gift to hold all of your favorite memories in your hand.


Custom Boxer Briefs

3 Month Anniversary Gift

Personalized Photo Gift for Boyfriend/husband custom Boxer | Etsy

How good are personalized gifts? These hilarious boxer briefs had to be mentioned because let’s face it, your partner will love it! You can even choose from a range of colors. This shop has many other design options worth checking out; however, this particular design is my favorite.


Magic Box

three month anniversary

One Year Dating Gift First Year Together Gifts for 1st Year | Etsy

Seriously, how cute is this! All you have to do is put the candle included in the gift into the Magic Box. Then pop it next to a wall in a dark room. Tada! Your loved one’s face will light up with happiness when they see this wooden box projecting your custom message on a wall #nopunintended.


3 Month Anniversary Gift Ideas (Printable)


Here are 3 month anniversary gifts that come with a printable option for the last-minute buyers and lovers of DIY. 


Custom Watercolour Effect Print

3 Month Anniversary Gift

Custom Portrait From Photo Personalized Gift for Her | Etsy

Capture your favorite moments with this cool watercolor effect print. Send your chosen photo and see it transformed into an image you can proudly hang in your home. You can choose from a digital file to print yourself or from a poster and canvas options. They also do pet versions too which are adorable.


Date Night Jar

3 month anniversary gift idea

Date Night Box for Couple Printable Date Night Cards. Every | Etsy (Instant download)

Okay, disclaimer, this is one of my Etsy products. Shameless, I know, but you’ll love this printable date night box of 120 date night cards. Life’s too short for the same old dates! The goal: for you and your partner to feel alive, and with these beautiful date ideas, you will. Get ready to bring the sizzle and spice into your date nights.


Custom Star Map

3 months anniversary gift

CUSTOM Star Map Star Map by Date Constellation Map Day | Etsy

Is it possible to get tired of looking at a starry night sky? I don’t think so, and you can look at it all day long with this gorgeous custom star map. Customize your night sky star map with a personal location, names, date, and a heartfelt poem, quote, or message. This product is a digital download that you can print professionally or at home. 


That’s a wrap on your 3 month anniversary gift ideas


I hope you’ve been inspired by some of these 3 month anniversary gifts. Whether you’re celebrating your 3 month anniversary as a new couple or your 3 month wedding anniversary, you’ll find something they will LOVE.  If DIY printable gifts are your jam, check out my Etsy store filled with fun and intimate couples printables.  Or get your free love dice below. Go on, you know you want to.

P.S. Happy Anniversary. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness.

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