Take your dates from meh to OH MY GOODNESS with a DIY Date Night Jar.


Coming up with creative and fun date ideas can be challenging! It can be so much easier to spend the night at home and think, “oh, we’ll do something fun next time.” *Cue dramatic statement*…The solution to all your problems is in the form of a date night jar.


Date nights are a crucial part of your relationship because they keep things fresh and exciting and keep you from getting into a rut of doing the same things.


Coming up with creative and fun date ideas can often be challenging. This is where a DIY date night jar can help.


What is a Date Night Jar


date night jar is a collection of date night suggestions, either written on paper or popsicle sticks and stored in a jar. The purpose is to randomly select a date idea for an impromptu and fun experience, breaking away from dinner and a movie routine.


Creating Your Own Date Night Jar


To create your very own Date Night Jar, you will need the following:

  • A mason jar
  • Small pieces of paper OR wooden popsicle sticks
  • Pen or marker


Step 1: Write Your Date Ideas

Grab your popsicle sticks or pieces of paper, and start jotting down your favorite date ideas. Feel free to come up with your own fabulous ideas, or for inspiration, check out the list of 52 date ideas below.


Step 2: Put the Dates into the Jar

Once you have written down your date ideas, put the popsicle sticks or folded pieces of paper and pop it into the jar. Give your date night jar a little shake to mix them up.


Step 3: Decorate the Jar

To make your Date Night Jar even more epic, decorate it with washi tape, stickers, ribbon, or whatever else you fancy. Get creative and personalize the jar to suit your style.


Step 4: Choose Your Dates

Every week, or on a set day, take turns picking a date from the date night jar. You’ll never be stuck for a lover’s escapade again. Why not take a photo on your date (it can be of anything) and start a date night journal to keep a memento of your dates?

date night jar

52 Ideas for a Date Night Jar

Get inspired by or use these dates for your date night jar.

At-home movie night (his choice).

At-home movie night (her choice).

Turn your bedroom into a luxury hotel room. Get champagne, rose petals & candles. Order “room service” & eat in bed.

Walk along a beach, lake, or river together.

Back deck dinner and wine.

Buy some modeling clay and get crafty. Make things like tea light holders, gifts, pots, and love signs, and paint them.

Make your own sushi at home, Buy a sushi kit, pour yourselves a glass of saké, and get creative with the fillings.

Couples massage at home (YouTube for tips).

Mini road trip in your hometown or neighboring town.

Go to a cooking class together.

Play a board game (make it sexy).

Pick a YouTube dance tutorial together. Spend the evening learning the moves & shaking your hips.

Eat at a new restaurant.

Find your local axe-throwing venue and try it out.

Late-night car ride and fast food drive-through.

Go to an arts and craft store, pick out, & create a project together.

Spend a day in the city together.

Play video games

Hotel stay for the night.

Comedy club, followed by a wine bar.

Go on a camping trip.

Miniature golf, loser buys dinner.

Weekend getaway.

Sunset bike ride followed by ice cream.

Indoor rock climbing.

Have a romantic candlelit dinner at home.

A night in Italy; make pizza, buy Italian wine, gelato & watch an Italian film.

Solve a murder mystery at home.

Go to home opens just for fun in pursuit of your dream house.

Start a cookbook together using a blank journal.

Wine tasting at home. Use the tasting sheet provided.

Bowling, the loser buys dinner.

Beer tasting at home or at a brewery.

Head to a park with some drinks and nibbles, and people watch.

Degustation dinner.

Cook a three-course meal together.

Go to a restaurant and order for each other.

Go on an organized wine tour.

Mexican night, margarita, music, chips, salsa, and beers.

Make your own chocolates together and name them.

Buy take-out Chinese & have a candlelit dinner.

Stargazing night in the backyard.

Fondue night (cheese and/or chocolate).

Paris night (French bread, French wine, French film).

Bubbly night (pop the fizz & take a bubble bath).

Watch the sunset together and then get burgers.

DIY facials (each pick out a facial to make and try it on each other).

Night in Spain (tapas, learn the Flamenco, Spanish wine).

Have cocktails at a nice restaurant.

Video record each other on how you fell in love & watch!

Make cocktails at home together.

Go to a skating rink. Whoever falls the most buys dinner.


Enjoy Your Date Night Jar


Use the 52 date night jar ideas above to make your very own. Gather the supplies, put on your favorite tunes in the background, and get creative!


A DIY Date Night Jar is a fun and simple way to bring some new experiences to your date nights. It’ll hopefully reignite your excitement for date nights and help create many new memories together.


We hope this DIY Date Night Jar idea inspires you. Happy dating!


P.S. For a printable version of a date night jar, grab my Printable Date Night Jar on Etsy (it includes the above dates and is made with lots of love just for you!)

Date night jar
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