To all the date-lovers out there, take a gander at these couple painting ideas for your next romantic date night at home. Because who doesn’t love getting their hands dirty with the one you love! 


First up are the five couple painting ideas we’ve got in store, and then I’ve outlined all the steps you need to make your date night perfect.  


Let’s dive straight in with the couple painting ideas!


5 Couple Painting Ideas for An Awesome Date


Couple Painting Ideas 1: Paint a Cherished Holiday Snap

If you enjoy looking through all your travel photos, you’ll love painting one! Find your favorite holiday snap and recreate it on a canvas. It could be a gorgeous sunset you watched together, an incredible view, a cobbled stone street in Europe, or a picture of a cute dog! Whatever it may be, it’ll be fun to paint if it has a good memory attached to it. You can paint the same photo, or each pick a different one.


Couple Painting Idea 2: Paint Your Pet

That’s right, enlist your fur baby to be your model for the evening. They might get super confused as to why they’re being asked to “STAY” all night, but it’ll be entertaining. If they can’t keep still (looking at you, Labradoodles), then just paint from a photo of your pet. If you have multiple animals, paint them all. You can frame them to hang in your home. It’ll make for a great talking point whenever your friends come over.  


Couple Painting Ideas 3: Use these Awesome Drawing Tutorials

If you want a step-by-step painting experience, then the Art Sherpa is your girl! She teaches easy and thorough acrylic step-by-step painting tutorials that you can do from your own home. Pick the video you like best, or do a series of them. These tutorials seriously make you feel like an artist! My personal favorite is this easy sunset with cactus


Couple Painting Ideas 4: Paint Each Other

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous with your painting skills, why not try painting each other. Whether you paint each other on a canvas or actually paint on each other (look, it’s your mess to clean up), I’ll leave that up to you. You can take it in turns as the model, but it’s more fun when you’re painting simultaneously. So, I recommend you both pose for a photo and use that to paint your masterpiece.


Couple Painting Ideas 5: Google Something You Want to Paint

This list wouldn’t be complete without Google. If none of the above ideas appeal to you, you are bound to find something you want to paint on Google. Even Googling “cool things to paint” brings up some pretty awesome ideas! Again, you can pick the same picture or paint different things. You can even split a chosen image in half and paint one side each to make it more fun.  

couple painting ideas

Couple Painting Ideas – The Setup

Alright, amigos, now we’ve covered the couple painting ideas, and you’ve decided what you want to paint. Let’s dive into the setup of your epic evening.


  1. Get the Goods (do this ahead of the date)

First up, you’ll need to skedaddle to the shops to buy your craft bits. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Paintbrushes (get a couple of different sizes if you can).
  • Acrylic paint (go for a mid-range price for decent quality) OR instead of acrylic paint, you can buy watercolors. If you buy watercolors, make sure to get the watercolor paper too.
  • Two canvases or good quality drawing paper.
  • Jars to fill with water to clean the brushes between colors.
  • Something to pour the paint on. You can buy a paint palette or use paper plates.
  • A rag/small towel to dry your brush off while painting (this will get ruined, so don’t use your best towel).
  • An old sheet to cover your painting surface, i.e., dining table.
        1. Set the Mood (do this an hour before the date)

        You’ve got the goods; now it’s time to set the mood:

        • Grab your favorite wine, spirit, beers, or soft drink.
        • Get your painting space ready. The most accessible place is your dining table or any area where you both have the room to paint. Cover the table with the old sheet and get out the painting supplies.
        • You don’t want a dinner dilemma ruining your creative flow! So figure out what you’ll do ahead of time. Takeout delivery or pizza in the oven are both winners.
        • Crank out some romantic tunes and some mood lighting.


          1. The Couple Painting Ideas Date Begins

          Yay, it’s time to sit back and have fun! I’d love to see what you paint. I hope you found these couple painting ideas useful. Use #suiteblissprintables if you post your masterpiece on the ‘Gram. If you want more date night ideas, check out our Date Night Ideas page here for 10 more epic dates!

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