The third date is a pretty big deal, and we’ve got some awesome third date ideas to get you SO excited for your next date that you’ll feel like a kid waiting for Christmas Day to arrive!

Wanting to go on a third date with someone is exciting. It’s obvious you both like each other; otherwise, you’d be making excuses that your cat is too sick! (“Yeah, look, Binky is sick, and the vet said I’ll have to stay home permanently for the next 12 months till forever, so it’s probably not going to work out between us”). 

But no, you actually like this one, and you don’t want to blow it with a lame third date so let’s dive into some epic third date ideas!


Third Date Ideas


So you’ve made it past the second date and want to see them again (go you). In a world of online dating, that’s quite the achievement! Here are some third date ideas that will hopefully guarantee a fourth date 😉

Some of these are public dates as you may feel it’s too soon to be alone with your date; however, there are a few intimate dates too. Only do what you feel comfortable with.


Day Dates – Third Date Ideas


A Play Date to Remember

Remember the joy of playing in a playground? Kids shouldn’t get to have all the fun, right? Relive some childhood memories with your date. Go down the slide together and spin on the merry-go-round until your head spins. Swing on the swings and gaze up at the sky as if you’re flying. Oh, and don’t forget about the see-saw. Maybe even challenge them to a monkey bar competition! End the date with a Happy Meal.


Visit a Museum

Even if museums aren’t typically your thing, you’re bound to learn something new about your date’s interests and even your own. I can’t resist a natural history museum, but any museum will do. Leisurely stroll at your own pace enjoying each other’s company. Ask questions even if you think they sound stupid and actually read some of the exhibits so you can both learn something new together (#cute). Before you go in, decide to take mental notes of your absolute most favorite things in the museum and tell each other what these were over lunch or a coffee afterward.


Order for each other at a Café

Head to a cafe, and instead of ordering what you want to eat for lunch, order something for your date to eat. This one is super fun to do in the early stages of dating because you don’t know each other well enough to get it right, making it all the more amusing! You can obviously share any allergy information and whether you’re vegan/vegetarian, but other than that, give no clues!


Try a Groupon

Pick a fun Groupon activity together that you might not otherwise have done and give it a go. I like this one because you are both doing something new, which creates a deeper bond on your date, bringing you closer (#nawww). It’s also super fun to try something new, so it’s a win-win. End the date with a bite to eat and discuss the highlights of your activity. If it was a complete disaster and you both hated it, don’t panic; you’ll still bond over a shared dislike. However, hopefully, this is not the case, and you both have a fantastic time.


Romantic Dates – Third Date Ideas


Cocktail Making

If you love cocktails, you’ll love this date idea! It’s got all the ingredients for a great date – an activity, a bit of healthy competition, delicious drinks, and plenty of laughs! You could go online and order one of those fancy cocktail-making kits; however, I would just Google it, pick a few cocktails you like the sound of and make a list of what you’ll need to buy.

You can make it a mystery, with each of you choosing a cocktail without the other one knowing (LOL’s if you end up bringing the same one #soulmate!). Or decide on a selection of cocktails together and divvy up the ingredients to be bought.

Let’s not forget about food; otherwise, this date might get a bit messy. To keep things simple, decide on a takeaway you both enjoy. Japanese is always my go-to takeaway of choice. Organize the delivery, so it comes a few hours into your cocktail making. That’s it, just relax and have fun, enjoy the cocktails and let the conversation flow.


Ready, Steady, Cook

Using up to ten random pantry and fridge ingredients, embark on a cook-off against each other. Choose your items wisely and assign 30 minutes in which to make the dish. Just like the show Ready Steady Cook, only one meal can win. This date is ideal if you both enjoy cooking, and it gives you a chance to show off your skills. It’s also one of those dates where the conversation flows because you’ve got plenty of food small talk to discuss. Once you’re done, sit down and share your meals together. For extra fun, bring your favorite bottle of wine so your date can try it and rate it!


Beach Date

I’m throwing this one in as a bonus for those of you that live by the ocean. Pack up your favorite snacks and drinks and head to your local foreshore to enjoy the sunset together. These types of dates can feel a little bit nerve-wracking if you’re shy, so here are a few conversation starters you can use to keep the conversation flowing.

  • What is the greatest fear you’ve overcome? How did it make you feel?
  • How did your parents shape what success and failure mean to you?
  • If you were given a chance to explore the deepest oceans or ride a rocket to space, which would you choose?
  • If you could learn any skill overnight, what would it be?

If you want more beach date ideas, take a peek at our Beach Date Ideas blog post here.


From Third Date Ideas to Fourth 


I hope that one of these third date ideas has taken your fancy. With both day date ideas and romantic date night ideas, there’s something for everyone.

If love dating and going on dates, check out our Couple Date Book blog post here. It’s a book we’ve created filled with 100 date night adventures and conversation starters. 

And if you want more date night ideas, check out this Date Night Jar Blog for more epic dates!

I’d love to know how it goes if you try one of these third date ideas. Don’t hesitate to email me or message me on Instagram (@suiteblissprintables). Now to plan the fourth date! Stay tuned for fourth date ideas coming soon.

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