Drunk Tic Tac Toe combines the classic game of Tic Tac Toe with a boozy twist that’s perfect for drinking games for couples to use on date night.  


Drunk Tic Tac Toe rules are simple, but the laughs are endless. Whether you’re hosting a party or just looking for a way to spice up your next date night, Drunk Tic Tac Toe is sure to be a hit. So grab yourself a drink, and get ready to play!


The original tic tac toe board definitely needed a little re-fresh to bring a bit of spice to your date night. It’s not like there are many strategic moves to play (by the way, I fully apologize if there are, please do let me know if this is the case). But, with our drunk tic tac toe version, you can repeatedly play without getting bored!


Get your drunk tic tac toe board free printable and take your next date night from prim and proper to oh dear, I’ve fallen off my chair (again). Does anyone else get ridiculously excited by free stuff? *raising hand*


You can get your free printable tic tac toe couple drinking games below! But keep reading for the rules of play.

Drunk Tic Tac Toe Game

Okay, so before you download your drunk tic tac toe freebie, let’s get into what you’ll need for this drinking games for couples, followed by the instructions and how to play.


Drunk Tic Tac Toe Materials:

Here’s what you need to play drunk tic tac toe:


★ Scissors

★ Computer & printer to print PDF file

★ Cardstock paper or plain paper

★ Adobe Acrobat Reader software (available FREE from get.adobe.com/reader/) to open and print the files correctly.

★ Shot glasses

★ Your drink of choice


Drunk Tic Tac Toe Set Up

And now it’s time to set up your tic tac toe drinking game ready to play:


★ Print your PDF download.


★ Cut out the cards and playing pieces. Shuffle up the cards and place them face down next to the playing board.


★ Sticky tape the XXXs and Ohh’s provided in your download to shot glasses. You’ll be using these as playing pieces.


★ Grab a drink each and also have something to fill the shot glasses. Put an empty glass in the middle of you both (you’ll be filling this up during the game).


Top Tip: If you have a laminator, it’s worth laminating your playing board, so it doesn’t get damaged if it gets wet. Drinking games for couples are always better laminated, right?


How to Play Drunk Tic Tac Toe

★ Decide who will be XXX and Ohh and who will go first.

★ The winner is the first player to get 3 in a row (up, down, across, or diagonally).

★ Take turns putting your shot glasses in empty squares.

★ Whichever square you land on, you must follow the rules (see below)

★ When all 9 squares are complete, the game is over. If no player has 3 marks in a row, the game ends in a tie.


Drunk Tic Tac Toe Rules

There’s a ruling on each square of your drunk tic tac toe board, and you’ll need to do the following for each one:

Pick a Card: Land on this square and pick a card. Don’t put the card back in the pile until you’ve played five games and used all the cards.

Take a shot: Fill your shot glass with a drink and take a shot.

Give a Shot: Give a shot to your partner.

Pour into the cup: Pour some of your drink into the shared cup. The one who loses the most games out of five will have the pleasure of drinking this!

You can either reset the card rules at the start of each game or keep them going throughout the whole thing.


Ready to Play Drunk Tic Tac Toe?

Get your drinking games for couples free printable below, and have fun!


Drunk Tic Tac Toe Summary

There you have it, a drinking games for couples to use on your next date night!

Please remember to always drink responsibly. Never drink more than you can handle, and always stay safe while under the influence of alcohol. Excessive drinking can lead to illness or injury.

P.S. If you enjoyed this drunk tic tac toe, you’d LOVE this drunk Jenga game. 

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