If you’re always trying to convince people to go to escape rooms with you, you’ll love this murder mystery date night idea. You don’t even need to like escape rooms to become obsessed with this Unsolved Case Files game.


One thing I don’t love about escape rooms is the pressure to solve something quickly. It makes my brain run away faster than my dog realizing it’s bathtime! However, this murder mystery date night is the solution because you can play at home without pressure while having an unforgettable date night with your partner.


This is why I wanted to share this detective-style at-home date night idea for those who get a kick from murder mysteries in the comfort of your own home! It was different from anything I’ve played before because you don’t have to solve difficult clues that leave you feeling frustrated. Instead, you just need to read all the evidence and start to piece together parts of the puzzle as detectives would in real life.


Disclaimer: if you don’t enjoy reading, you won’t enjoy this date night as reading is the main task. Check out these other date ideas instead: Couple Painting Date Ideas and Intimacy Date Night Ideas.


This murder mystery date night idea allows you to stay at home, get cozy and indulge yourself in a world of mystery. We’re talking about a murder mystery game that lets you be a cold case detective. And this one really doesn’t disappoint.


Ready to put your thinking cap on?

Murder Mystery Date Night Unsolved Case Files

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Murder Mystery Date Night: Unsolved Case Files

Unsolved Case Files puts you in the shoes of a detective investigating a murder. You get a whole heap of information in the form of newspaper clippings, police documents, photos, evidence, and other items. Your job is to try and solve the mystery.


It works by solving objectives. There’s an obvious beginning, middle, and end, which makes solving the case very satisfying. So, you can’t proceed to Objective B until you have completed Objective A, which is beneficial if you’re the kind of person who likes to see your progress as you play.


You can even take your murder mystery date night to the next level and use a whiteboard to pin up your evidence to get a clear picture of everything. This will make more sense when you open your case file, as there is A LOT of information.

Unsolved Case Files

Look at all the cool stuff you get, and this is just a snippet of some of the documents; there’s even more in the Unsolved Case Files brown folder and evidence envelope!

What I Love About Unsolved Case Files as a Date Night Idea

Discussing theories was the part me and my partner loved the most about this murder mystery date night. Debating the potential motives of all the suspects was so fun. Sometimes it felt like it could be everyone! This makes such an epic date night activity because of the interaction and teamwork you get to have with each other as you cipher through all the evidence and discuss theories.


You can tell a lot of work went into preparing the Unsolved Case Files game. There are a lot of nice touches, such as suspect packets being bundled together with paperclips in a big thick folder and different handwriting for all the suspects. The whole thing comes in a plastic zip-locked evidence bag and feels legit.


Where To Get Your Unsolved Case Files

Don’t forget to order your Unsolved Case Files ahead of your planned Murder Mystery Date Night.

You can learn more about the different cases via the Unsolved Case Files website. Once you know which case file you want to buy (I don’t blame you if you wish to purchase multiple, they all look incredible), you can get them from the Unsolved Case Files Amazon Store here.

The one we played was the Jamie Banks case, and I highly recommend it. You can buy it via the link below, it was juicy!

How To Play Unsolved Case Files

Here’s a little run down of how this murder mystery date night will go down so you can get a feel for it:

Get Your First Objective: Open your case file and look for the first objective sticker.

Read the Case File: To begin your investigation, you should read through all the newspaper clippings, police documents, photos, evidence, and other items in the case. As you learn about the crime scene and suspects, look for information or evidence to help you complete your objective.

Check Your Theory Online: After finding the evidence, you need to support your theory, visit the online answer key to enter the documents that prove your point.

Get Hints If You Need Them: If your theory is incorrect, do not feel discouraged. If you need help finding clues or have questions about how to solve this case, consult the online answer key or return to the case files for more information. This task can be difficult, but with enough effort, you should be able to find the correct answer.

Open Bonus Envelope A: The answer key will confirm when you can open Bonus Envelope A, providing more evidence and your second objective. ​

Repeat for Objectives 2 & 3: Follow those same steps to complete Objectives 2 and 3 and open Bonus Envelopes B and C.

Bask in Your Glory Detective: After completing Objective 3, you will have solved the case and put the killer behind bars. Make sure to open Bonus Envelope #C for wrap-up information and additional goodies about the case.

Murder Mystery Date Night

Murder Mystery Date Night You Can Play This Weekend

Why not try this murder mystery date night at home on your next date night? I encourage you to give it a go. I was skeptical, as my detective skills are non-existent, but it was different from anything I’d played before. At first, the amount of reading seems overwhelming, but it’s so juicy that you quickly get hooked. You can get clues from the Unsolved Case Files website if you’re struggling.


I’d love to know how it goes if you try one. Don’t hesitate to email or message me on Instagram (@suiteblissprintables). If you’re looking for even more date night ideas, check out our date night ideas page filled with heaps of great dates!

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