Get ready to host a night to remember with these paint and sip ideas! Make sure to grab your free paint and sip painting pages at the end of the blog. If you want to shake up your date night, catch up with friends, and do something different, you’ll love these paint and sip ideas – a perfect combination of creative fun, nibbles, and tasty drinks.


This blog has all the paint and sip ideas you need to host your own at-home paint and sip evening. Plus, we’ve got a special treat for you at the end – a selection of free printable painting pages to make it as easy as possible to host your paint and sip extravaganza.


What Is a Paint and Sip?


If you’re new to the concept, Paint and Sip is pretty much exactly what it sounds like – you sip on your favorite drink (wine, anyone?). At the same time, you paint a masterpiece (or something to stick on the fridge for a week at least).


They gained popularity a while back, and now the at-home paint and sips are getting increasingly popular. It can be a romantic date night activity for you and your partner. It’s also fun to do with your bestie, and if you’re really into it, get a group of people over and share the love!


Now, let’s get started with some exciting paint and sip ideas! Here’s everything you’ll need for your at-home paint and sip evening:


Art Supplies: Gather Your Painting Essentials


Paint and Sip Ideas: Canvases or Quality Card Stock

Select canvases that suit your group’s skill level. It’s a good idea for beginners to start with smaller canvases, while more experienced painters might prefer larger ones. Make sure you have enough for everyone. Or, if you want to save money on canvases, you can buy some good-quality card stock and print out the free painting pages at the end of this blog. Because sometimes staring at a black canvas is pretty daunting!

At Home Paint and Sip Ideas Blog

Paint and Sip Ideas: Brushes

Invest in a variety of brushes. You’ll want different brush sizes and shapes for various painting techniques. Flat, round, and detail brushes are all great choices.


Paint and Sip Ideas: Paints

Acrylic paints are the boss! They are beginner and expert-friendly and are easy to work with. They’re vibrant and dry relatively quickly. Ensure you have a good range of colors, including primary and secondary colors, so your guests have various color options.


Paint and Sip Ideas: Water Cups

Have water cups or jars available for each painter. These are essential for rinsing brushes between colors and cleaning them at the end of the session.


Paint and Sip Ideas: Palette

While not strictly needed, having a palette for mixing colors can be really helpful. You can use disposable paper palettes or invest in reusable ones.


Paint and Sip Ideas: Easels

Easels are not a must, but they can make the painting process more comfortable, especially if you’re working with larger canvases. Consider having a few available for those who prefer to paint upright.


Paint and Sip Ideas: Old Towels or Rags

Painting can get messy, so it’s a good idea to use old towels or rags to wipe brushes and hands. This keeps your painting area tidy and prevents unwanted smudges on your artwork.

At Home Paint and Sip Ideas Blog 2

Choosing Your Paint and Sip Ideas


Now, let’s talk about the star of the show – the painting itself. You have a few options:


Paint and Sip Ideas: Guided Tutorial

Find a step-by-step painting tutorial online, or consider purchasing a paint and sip kit with instructions. Check out these awesome videos on YouTube.


Paint and Sip Ideas: Freestyle

If you’re feeling adventurous, let your imagination run wild! Provide a variety of paints and let your guests create their own masterpieces. No rules, just fun.


Paint and Sip Ideas: Themed Paintings

Pick a theme for your paint and sip night. It could be anything from landscapes to abstract art. Encourage your guests to interpret the theme in their unique way. Other themes include flowers, silhouettes, still life, waterfalls, pets, drawing each other, etc.


Paint and Sip Ideas: Collaborative Canvas

Have a large canvas? Why not work together on a collaborative painting? Each person adds their own touch.


Paint and Sip Ideas: Paint an Image

If you want to make sure everyone feels comfortable and relaxed, you can print out our free painting pages on card stock and have your guests essentially fill in the blanks. This one is ideal if you want to have a good chat and lots of laughs and not think too much about creating something from scratch. You can get my free printable pages at the end of this blog.


At Home Paint and Sip Ideas Blog 3

Paint and Sip Ideas – Food and Drink Inspiration


The Drinks


Paint and Sip Ideas: Wine

Wine is the traditional choice as it’s easy to sip and pairs perfectly with a creative painting session. Consider offering both red and white wine to cater to different preferences.


Paint and Sip Ideas: Cocktails

Or you can get creative with cocktails! Prepare a few easy-to-make cocktails that your guests can enjoy. Classics like margaritas, mojitos, or sangria can be crowd-pleasing choices.


Paint and Sip Ideas: Non-Alcoholic

Remember guests who prefer non-alcoholic options. Craft some delicious mocktails using fresh fruit juices and soda. Or, for a healthier alternative, infuse some water with slices of citrus fruits, berries, or cucumber.


Make sure to have plenty of ice on hand to keep your drinks chilled. You don’t want your drinks to get warm before you’re done painting.


The Snacks


Pay attention to the snacks! Snacks are the perfect accompaniment to your paint and sip gathering. Here are some snack ideas to consider:


Paint and Sip Ideas: Snacks


  • Cheese and Crackers: A classic choice! Offer a variety of cheeses and a selection of crackers. Add some grapes or figs for a touch of sweetness.


  • Finger Foods: Mini sandwiches, sliders, or bite-sized appetizers like bruschetta or stuffed mushrooms. Yum!


  • Vegetable Platter: Create a colorful veggie platter with fresh vegetables and a tasty dip.


  • Fruit Platter: Offer a variety of sliced fruits for a refreshing and healthy snack.


  • Chocolate and Desserts: Satisfy your sweet tooth with chocolate truffles, brownie bites, or a fruit tart.


  • Popcorn: Keep it simple with a bowl of freshly popped popcorn. It’s a perfect finger food for munching while you paint.


  • Nuts and Dried Fruits: Create a mix of nuts and dried fruits for a crunchy and satisfying snack.


Consider your guests’ dietary restrictions or allergies when planning your snack menu. Having a variety ensures there’s something for everyone to enjoy.


The Ambiance and Seating


Set the mood with some soothing background music. Create a playlist of your favorite tunes or explore calming instrumental tracks. Arrange a comfortable painting area with ample space for everyone. Ensure everyone has a good view of the painting station.


Free Printable Painting Pages for Your Paint and Sip Evening


We’ve prepared a special gift for you to make your at-home paint and sip even more enjoyable. Sign up below to access a selection of free painting pages that you and your friends can use during your paint and sip night.

How to Print These Paint and Sip Ideas Pages


Once you sign up, you will be taken directly to the painting pages.

Download the PDF file to your computer.

Print them on high-quality card stock (regular paper will go soggy when painted).

This Faber-Castell Creative Studio Acrylic Paint Pad from Amazon is a good option.

Buy the correct-sized paper for your printer if printing at home.

Hosting an at-home paint and sip evening is a fantastic way to get social! Whether just for you, as a fun date night activity, or for a night with your bestie or the girls, unleash your creativity and create incredible memories. Remember to download your free painting pages to make your night even easier!

If you’re interested in more coloring pages, check out this 35 Cute Animal Drawings: Free Coloring Pages Blog!

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