Christmas riddles are the ultimate get-everyone-involved group game you can whip out at Christmas gatherings! And with the holiday season just around the corner, what better way to get into the festive spirit than getting a wee bit competitive with your loved ones.


Christmas riddles are a great way to entertain your friends and family because who doesn’t love a good riddle? Okay, so riddles might not be everyone’s cup of eggnog, but it’s hard to resist once someone starts reading them out loud – trust me, even the riddle haters begin to join in, eventually!  


Christmas Riddles for Adults and Family


These 50 Christmas riddles are appropriate for some brain-teasing fun for adults or giggles from the little ones. Everyone can take part in these Christmas riddles. From clever wordplay to merry brain teasers, these riddles are designed to tickle your funny bone and challenge your wits. 


Plus, if you really love riddles, you can buy our full pack of 100 Christmas riddles at the end of the blog. These include 32 Christmas riddles and 68 regular ones, which are also super fun to play at Christmas!

Christmas Riddles 2

We’ve included a printable Christmas riddles kit at the end of this post so you can easily share these brain-bending chuckles with your loved ones. So, gather around the fire, sip on some hot cocoa, and let the riddle-solving festivities begin!


50 Christmas Riddles to Tickle Your Brain


This list of Christmas riddles includes full-blown Christmas themes and a mixture of regular riddles to keep it interesting! So, gather around the Christmas tree or snuggle up by the fireplace and get your riddle on! These riddles are sure to bring joy and laughter to your celebrations. 



  1. Where does a snowman usually keep his money? Answer: A snowbank.



  1. He is a man during winter, but he might be a source of water during spring. Who is he? Answer: A snowman.



  1. You will buy me to eat, but you will never eat me. Not even during Christmas. What am I? Answer: Cutlery.



  1. Who will never be hungry during Christmas? Answer: A stuffed turkey!



  1. You can hold me and shake me, but I’m easy to break. I have lots of snow, even though it’s all fake! What am I? Answer: A snow globe.



  1. If December 31st is the end of the year, then what is the end of Christmas? Answer: The letter “S.”



  1. When does Christmas come before Thanksgiving? Answer: In the dictionary.



  1. Why is Santa good at karate? Answer: Because he has a black belt.



  1. In what year do Christmas and New Year’s Day happen in the same year? Answer: Every year!



  1. How many presents can Santa put in an empty bag? Answer: Only one—after that, it’s not empty anymore!



  1. What bites but doesn’t have any teeth? Answer: Frost.



  1. Which Christmas bird moves the slowest? Answer: A turtle dove.



  1. Who says “Oh, Oh, Oh”? Answer: Santa walking backwards.



  1. What has many needles, but doesn’t sew? Answer: A Christmas tree



  1. What month of the year has 28 days? Answer: All of them



  1. What is full of holes but still holds water? Answer: A sponge



  1. What question can you never answer yes to? Answer: Are you asleep yet?



  1. What is always in front of you but can’t be seen? Answer: The future



  1. What can you break, even if you never pick it up or touch it? Answer: A promise



  1. What goes up but never comes down? Answer: Your age



  1. What gets wet while drying? Answer: A towel



  1. What can’t talk but will reply when spoken to? Answer: An echo



  1. The more of this there is, the less you see. What is it? Answer: Darkness



24 David’s parents have three sons: Snap, Crackle, and what’s the name of the third son? Answer: David



  1. I follow you all the time and copy your every move, but you can’t touch me or catch me. What am I? Answer: Your shadow



  1. What has many keys but can’t open a single lock? Answer: A piano



  1. What can you hold in your left hand but not in your right? Answer: Your right elbow



  1. Where does today come before yesterday? Answer: The dictionary



  1. What invention lets you look right through a wall? Answer: A window



  1. If you’ve got me, you want to share me; if you share me, you haven’t kept me. What am I? Answer: A secret



  1. What can’t be put in a saucepan? Answer: Its lid



  1. What goes up and down but doesn’t move? Answer: A staircase



  1. It belongs to you, but other people use it more than you do. What is it? Answer: Your name



  1. What begins with an “e” and only contains one letter? Answer: An envelope



  1. A word I know, six letters it contains, remove one letter, and 12 remain. What is it? Answer: Dozens



  1. I’m tall when I’m young, and I’m short when I’m old. What am I? Answer: A candle



  1. What has hands, but can’t clap? Answer: A clock



  1. What has legs but doesn’t walk? Answer: A table



  1. What has one head, one foot and four legs? Answer: A bed



  1. What can you catch but not throw? Answer: A cold



  1. What kind of band never plays music? Answer: A rubber band



  1. What has many teeth but can’t bite? Answer: A comb



  1. What runs all around a backyard yet never moves? Answer: A fence



  1. What can travel all around the world without leaving its corner? Answer: A stamp



  1. What has a thumb and four fingers but is not a hand? Answer: A glove



  1. What has a head and a tail but no body? Answer: A coin



  1. Where does one wall meet the other wall? Answer: On the corner



  1. What building has the most stories? Answer: The library



  1. What kind of coat is best put on wet? Answer: A coat of paint



  1. What has a bottom at the top? Answer: Your legs
Christmas Riddles 3

Start your Christmas Riddles Tradition


Christmas riddles are a creative way to engage with friends and family, stimulate your minds, and create lasting memories. These riddles can be used to entertain guests at parties, they can be used for family time with the kids, or on Christmas day as an epic game. These riddles really are your perfect holiday companion.


Buy the Suite Bliss Printables Christmas Riddle Pack


We’ve prepared a printable Christmas riddles kit to make your holiday celebrations even more special. You get 32 Christmas riddles and 68 regular riddles, which both make for a fun Christmas activity. There’s a combination of easy and tricky riddles that’ll suit the whole family.


What You Get:


★ 32 Christmas Riddles with Answers

★ 68 Regular Riddles with Answers

★ Riddle Answers

★ BONUS: Printable Storage Box for your Riddles


So, download your Christmas riddles kit, print them out, and get ready to spread the riddle-icious cheer this holiday season. Get your Christmas riddles below and start a new family tradition that you can play all throughout December 💖

Wishing you a Joyful and Laughter-Filled Christmas!


The holiday season is a time for joy, togetherness, and creating beautiful memories with loved ones. And what better way to do that than by sharing some good-natured laughs with Christmas riddles? From the young to the young at heart, these riddles will surely bring smiles and giggles to your festive gatherings.

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