Calling all party putters and pub enthusiasts! Let’s talk about Pub Golf – the game that guarantees a tee-rific time with friends, without the need for actual golfing skills (phew!). If you’ve been scouring the greens for a fresh, quirky way to amp up your social outings, look no further than pub golf!


What is Pub Golf?

I’m glad you asked! Pub golf is a bar-hopping adventure in which each pub represents a unique ‘hole’ with its own challenges. The goal is to complete each ‘hole’ with the fewest ‘strokes’ possible. And by strokes, we mean sips of drinks (responsibly, of course!).



How to Play Pub Golf

The rules are simple yet flexible, making it the perfect game for any group size or occasion. Here’s the gist:


Pub Golf Course Design

Decide on your ‘course’ by picking a selection of pubs, each representing a hole on the golf course. A standard game has 9 or 18 holes, but feel free to adjust based on your group’s stamina and the night’s ambitions.


Pub Golf Dress Code

To set the mood, don your best golf-inspired attire (think argyle socks, visors, and polo shirts). Prizes for the best-dressed golfer are highly encouraged!


Pub Golf Scorecards

Each player gets a scorecard to track their progress. Par for each hole is the number of sips it takes to finish your drink. The lower the score, the better!


Pub Golf Gameplay

At each pub (hole), a specific drink is designated as the challenge. Finish it in the ‘par’ number of sips to score, but beware – penalties for infractions like spillage or skipping a hole can add strokes to your score!

Pub Golf 3

Fun Pub Golf Rules

Here are some ideas for rules to make your pub crawl extra interesting!


  • Each round must be completed within 30 minutes. Failing to complete a hole in the designated time costs 2 strokes.
  • Spilling your own or another player’s drink costs 3 strokes.
  • Going to the bathroom on a hole designated a water hazard* costs 1 stroke.
  • Failure to negotiate a bunker hazard* costs 2 strokes.
  • Failing to complete a hole costs 3 strokes.


*Water hazards: Players are not allowed to go to the toilet at any hole deemed a ‘water hazard’. Doing so will cost 1 stroke.


**Bunker Hazards: If a hole is designated a bunker hazard, then an alcoholic shot is required to be taken to get out of the bunker. The shot must be downed in one. Failure to do so results in 2 strokes.


Why Pub Golf is a Hole-in-One for Your Social Life

Pub Golf is more than just a game; it’s a social experience designed to bring laughter, camaraderie, and a touch of friendly competition to your night out. It’s perfect for epic birthday bashes, rowdy bachelor/bachelorette parties, or just a quirky Friday night with friends looking to break the monotony.


The Ultimate Game-Changer: The Editable Pub Golf Scorecard

We’ve got something special for you to make organizing your Pub Golf escapade as smooth as your swing. Say goodbye to scribbled notes and hello to our snazzy, Editable Pub Golf Scorecard!


Designed with both fun and functionality in mind, our digital scorecard is your ticket to a hassle-free game night. It’s editable, printable, and, most importantly, reusable for all your future Pub Golf tournaments.

Pub Golf 2

Get Your Pub Golf Scorecard Here!


You can customize it to fit your course, add players, and even tweak the rules to suit your party vibe. And the best part? It’s dressed in a delightful design that’s sure to get everyone in the spirit of the game.


Ready to make your next pub crawl an unforgettable adventure? Swing by our Etsy shop, Suite Bliss Printables, and grab your Editable Pub Golf Scorecard today. Let the games begin, and may the best golfer win!

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